Sonny This good boy was the first baby to be born on our little farmette. He is the son of our first rooster who tragically died of a heart attack (most likely). He is just the best caretaker of our flock of 8 hens. Also he’s gorgeous, with the biggest plumiest tail feathers I’ve ever seen. And he has the BEST crow which he DIDN’T get from his dad because his dad’s was hilariously terrible.

Pete The first fur baby of the bunch, this grumpy min-pin chihuahua mix is pushing 15 years old. He enjoys sleeping and eating and cuddling with mom.


Sissy and Gussy From one barn to another, these little kittens were rescued by April’s aunt and came to live with us in 2017. Sissy LOVES attention almost as much as she loves food. Gussie hates Tyler and I think it’s hilarious. They both love prowling around the garden and getting in the way.

Maggie is our good good golden retriever girl. She LIVES for attention and fetchin’ balls. She also almost off’d a rooster at one point.