About Country SideQuest

Welcome! We are April and Tyler Davis our initiative with Country SideQuest is to actively take part in hobbies that we enjoy and share the experience with those who have similar interests. Whether that be through social media posts, videos, discussions or games we are excited to see where the journey takes us. Each section features a character tied to our lives in a meaningful way. More on these characters can be found on the homestead page of the site. This is our rooster Sonny! Catch him and us on the social channels listed below!


The gaming landscape has changed drastically since we played regularly nearly a decade ago. Join us in Discord and in-game as we explore new horizons in the gaming world. Casual or competitive, everyone is welcome.


Our mom loves working in the garden. And the two little girls that are constantly following her around love it too. Although they don’t roll in any of the plants so we really don’t know why they’re out there all the time in the spring and summer. But they are and they seem happy about it. We get LOTS of pets when we aren’t in the way.
Mom has been posting her pictures and videos online to share with other people who don’t like to roll in plants, and we are IN some of the videos. So we really feel they’re the best videos ever, and you should probably go watch them. Make sure you say hi because mom will tell us! We can’t read on account of being cats, but that lady talks A LOT when she isn’t feeling super shy. She will most definitely tell us.

The SideCast

Retrospective Let’s Plays with a podcasty twist? It’s the SideCast! Join April and Tyler as they assess their past co-op gameplay and cover various topics about life and parenting as they approach the precipice of 40. Everything is fine!

The Homestead
The Homestead

Did ya ever just wanna nope out of town, but didn’t want to end up on an episode of Homestead Rescue (IT’S A GREAT SHOW CHECK IT OUT DISCOVERY PLUS)? So did we. We’re doing our best, right outside of town!

The Napping Dragon cards and collectibles

The Napping Dragon COMC and eBay stores are named for Tyler's late father. Collecting cards was a hobby they shared, now Tyler is sharing that hobby with his children.

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